About me

I started my professional career in Spain in 1998 co-founding AutoScout24 Spain as CEO and member of the Board of Directors. AutoScout24 is part of the Scout24 Group, Europe’s leading operator of virtual market places. I was appointed Managing Director of Scout24 Spain in 2001. While preparing the internationalisation (FriendScout24) of the Scout24 Group , I also created B24 Networks (Boot24.com), a Europe wide market place on the internet for the yachting sector.

In 2002 I decided to join my friend and partner Philipp Schroeder at our already established venture catalyst company VCMORE GmbH and devote myself full time to Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship by offering consulting and investment services to start-ups through our contact network in Europe and the US of consultants, business angels and industry specialists. Alongside the latter, in 2002, I co-founded EO Spain, the Spanish chapter of EO Entrepreneurs’ Organization, being one of the largest entrepreneur organisations in the world, and in the same year I co-founded Active Capital Partners.

In 2006 my fellow EO Members elected me to be the Ambassador for EO Europe, in order to foster Entrepreneurship in Europe and grow the organisation in 10 different countries.

In 2007 I created the terminology for Venturepreneurship and Venturepreneurs and together with my partners we created the concept for the Venturepreneurs’ Organisation.

In 2008 I initiated the Global Entrepreneurs Week in Spain and I founded the Barcelona Entrepreneurship City Community, in order to promote Barcelona to become one of the leading Hubs for entrepreneurship in Europe.

Currently I’m a member of the Board of Directors of Vinus & Brindis , Polymita Technologies, BuyVIP and Non Executive Co-Founder and Advisor of Linqia.

to be continued… 😉

Christopher Pommerening


2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Barcelona Entrepreneurship City on OpenCoffee Barcelona Says:

    […] Christopher Pommerening acaba de crear la comunidad “Barcelona Entrepreneurship City”. Como explica Christopher: This is the meta community for Entrepreneurs that have the common goal to make Barcelona the European Hub for Entrepreneurship. Members propose new ideas, in order to improve the infrastructure and services for Entrepreneurs in Barcelona. […]

  2. Sander Says:

    looking good this blog!! can’t wait to start the entrepreneurs community from Gran Foc. Cheerio!

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