Barcelona Entrepreneurship City Show Case


On Friday the 21. of November we organize the 1. Barcelona Entrepreneurship City Event.
150 Entreprenuers with a passion for Barcelona will come together and participate in the following program:

“Barcelona meets its Entrepreneurs”
Entrepreneurial Institutions, Organisations, Associations, Incubators & Universities discuss how to improve the Entrepreneurial environment of Barcelona…
-Juan Carlos Angeles – President of EO Spain
-Andre Varny – President Eurecan Community
-Jesus Monleon – Co-Founder of Seed Rocket
-Yolanda Perez – Director of Barcelona Activa
-Sergi Mora – Manager of the ACC1Ó Investment Forum
-Ester Palomar – Manager of Eurecan International
-Julian Vinué – Manager of La Salle Entrepreneurship Center
-Ricard Soderberg – Founder & Managing Partner of Active Capital Partners (Moderator)

“Prepare your company for difficult Times”
-Philipp Schroeder – Founder & Managing Partner of Active Capital Partners
-Christian Siegele – former Partner of 3i Venture Capital and International Business Angel

“Venturepreneurs’ Talk ”
-Albert Armengol – Founder of eConoczo & Venturepreneur of Genoom, Festuc, Bloguzz, Linqia, …
-Didac Lee – Founder of IntercomGI & Venturepreneur of Spamina, Atraczion and Scubastore
-Jan Andresen – Founder of Elkware, CEO of Weblin & Venturepreneur of cellity, JobLeads, mediaclipping, Kinkaa, High-Def, creative-weblogging, sofatronic, Fishlabs, …
-Christopher Pommerening – Founder & Managing Partner of Active Capital Partners (Moderator)

If you want to become a member of the Barcelona Entrepreneurs Meta Community please go to:

Barcelona Entrepreneurship City


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