The world is in crisis, but we still invest…

In the middle of the worst economic crisis since a long time we finalized our next investment in Xperience Consulting. The three founders Xavier Mestres, Javier Darriba and Alfonso de la Nuez created the Spanish company Xperience Consulting in 2001with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Sunnyvale – Silicon Valley . The company is specialised in the analysis, optimization and usability experience of users of interactive products and services such as websites, intranets, mobile applications, video games, etc. Already today the company has an impressive list of global companies like Google, eBay, Yahoo, Sol Meliá, Movistar, Iberia, Mapfre, Vodafone, Bankinter and many more…

The investment was structured by Philipp Schroeder and Blair MacLaren. We injected €1,7 million through MCI (Molins Capital Inversion S.C.R. SA) in order to launch internationally the new software UserZoom. It permits usability departments to design, create and execute usability surveys with large numbers of users. The usability testing market in Europe grows 35% on a yearly average and according to estimations of Xperience Consulting, 72% of UK based companies will increase their usability budgets for next year. the initial success of the new software as a service offering of UserZoom with companies like Yahoo, eBay, Google or Apple gives an indication of the growth potential of Xperience Consulting.

Xperience has a team of 32 professionals and will most likely finalize 2008 with revenues of €2.500.000 and a new office in the UK. In 2009 we expect that the company will grow to €4.000.000 in revenues.


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