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The Venturepreneurship Concept

April 18, 2008

I had the idea for the Venturepreneurship Concept in March 2007. It is the merge of my two passions for venture capital and entrepreneurship:

Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur within the same person = Venturepreneur

Venturepreneurs are Serial Entrepreneurs that act as Venture Capitalists. They have own entrepreneurial and venture capital experience and like to invest in new ventures in the seed stage. They typically invest between €25.000 and €250.000 in co-investment with other venturepreneurs. The difference to a traditional business angel is that a business angel is not necessarily an entrepreneur or a sector specialist.

Over the last years it became quite clear that there exist already quite a large number of Venturepreneurs in Europe and the rest of the world. Most of the seed rounds of successful start ups have been financed by venturepreneurs like Morten Lund, Johan Stael von Holstein, Martin Varsavsky, Stefan Glänzer, Rodolfo Carpintier, Jan Andresen, Robin Klein, Daniel Wild…

I strongly believe that successful seed investments are done, when a group of sector specific venturepreneurs join together, in order to provide venture funding, know how and know who to start ups.

We have started to create the Venturepreneurs Network, in order to bring together Venturepreneurs from different countries and different sectors. The Network is based on a strong set of values such as:

Integrity, Respect, Active Commitment, Trust, Professionalism and Humility…

We believe in the exchange of peer to peer experiences, high quality deal flow, experienced co-investors, valuable sector expertise and business contacts.