Barcelona Entrepreneurship City

Finally the initiative “Barcelona Entrepreneurship City” is born. This is a community of Entrepreneurs based in Barcelona that have the common goal to make Barcelona the European Hub for Entrepreneurship. Members propose new ideas, in order to improve the infrastructure and services for Entrepreneurs in Barcelona.

The long term vision is to build a meta platform hosting and classifying all services relevant to entrepreneurs and the company creation process, plus a social networking functionality for the entrepreneurial community of Barcelona.

This Initiative will be moderated by Entrepreneurs, lead by Entrepreneurial Ambassadors and advised by the greatest role model Entrepreneurs of Barcelona.

This Group is about a common interest and not individual or political interests…! This initiative is backed by: EO Entrepreneurs’ Organization Barcelona, First Tuesday Barcelona, Barcelona Open Coffee Club, IESE, ESADE,…

You can also preview the Linqia Profile of this group… 😉



2 Responses to “Barcelona Entrepreneurship City”

  1. Ollivier Jacq Says:

    That’s a great iniciative. I’ll make sure to talk about it to every entrepreneur I know in Barcelona!

  2. Ignasi Says:

    I’m joining! Good Iniciative.

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